Reflux hell

It has been quiet on Le Blog for a while. And here’s the reason why.

Helpful bits and bobs

This time around I’m feeling far more relaxed and also I realised before Leo came that I wanted a few things I didn’t have with Alfie. So I thought I’d do a little tiny list of things I’m doing differently this time that has really helped me being more relaxed and chilled.

Potty training

So… the ever anxiety inducing topic of potty training..

What a difference a babe makes

What a difference a babe makes – Leo is here! And what an experience it was. Comparing notes to when Alfie was born.

Hospital Bag essentials

As I’m now well in the third trimester I’m realising (due to getting reminders in apps and emails) I should probably start to prepare the hospital bag. Whilst I’m packing my own ice out together some tips for your hospital bag essentials. Enjoy!

Werk werk werk

My thoughts on my upcoming maternity leave, my fortunate situation with work and also noting the differences between Sweden and the UK when it comes to paternity leave.

The emperors cut

Wrote a few words about birth and cesarian. Don’t worry, it’s not gory or detailed. Just my own thoughts and general ramblings.