Reflux hell

Oh gosh. Haven’t been here in a while. Reason? Pure exhaustion.

Leo has bad reflux. It’s been challenging to say the least.

I am hoping and praying to any baby gods that we are through the worst of it now. But I DON’T WANT TO JINX IT. Which I probably am by writing this post. anyways, here goes..

It gradually just got worse and worse from the time he was born. But at around eight weeks old it was just to the point where we needed to seek help from health care professionals. So off to the GP we went. We tried gaviscon for infants. Didn’t even make a dent. Then we were given omeprazol. We didn’t really feel it made any difference either. So with the advice of our GP we tried for me to go dairy free and also switch the formula to a prescribed one to basically rule out any cows milk allergy.

Oh, we started giving Leo two bottles of formula a day when he was around four weeks old to give me and my boobs a bit of a break. And we just continued doing so as it works rather well for us. And that will hopefully make it easier to gradually end the breastfeeding whenever that will happen.

Back to the reflux. We didn’t really see any difference with the prescribed formula or the omeprazol. So the GP advised to go back to the normal formula and also upped the dose of the medicine. As she did this she also referred us to a paediatrician. Now, I think we were very lucky with the GP we met as some would maybe just send us on our way and say – deal with it. Babies grow out of it. But she kept on trying things and also made sure we saw a specialist to ensure it was ‘only’ reflux and nothing serious.

The paediatrician was also good, or at least I felt trust and felt she took us seriously. Which I guess is all you really want from your health care provider, isn’t it? So sad that’s not the case for everyone. Not sad. Scary.

She upped our dose of omeprazol by x3!! And also made sure a dietician would follow up with a call for a consultation to see if there would be anything else to do. Apart from that it is just sadly something we have to deal with.

Something they said is that it is quite normal for babies to have reflux. And because Leo continues to gain weight no one has been overly concerned, including us. It’s just been so extremely draining for me. Constantly changing clothes and blankets everywhere. As soon as new clothes has been put on he was sick again and needed changing. Again. And this could go on until we were through like ten different outfits. I was pulling my hair out some days. Just exhausted. And frustrated.

But then he could have a day where he wasn’t vomiting at all. Those days were, and are still, blissful!

Now at the time of writing this we’ve had several days in a row that’s been pretty good. Sure he’s been a little sick but nothing in comparison to what it was. And he’s been super happy, smiley and just a dream! (See, I probably just jinxed it now…)

I did. I did jinx it. He was sick loads. Again.

Oh well. The dietitian did follow up and said we should start with solids from four months as that can help. Maybe better for the stomach acids to work with something heavier than just breastmilk & formula. Or at least that’s what I’m thinking.

So all in all, reflux sucks big time and I hope no one gets it. Ever.

Enjoy your day and hopefully you’ll get to sleep well, even if it’s only five minutes at a time. X

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