Potty training – two weeks on

Around two weeks ago we stopped with nappies for big brother Alfie. So how are we getting on?

Now, before this he didn’t show many, if any, signs of being interested in going to the toilet. We kept trying to get him to sit on the potty but little success.

We started talking to Alfie about how he is going to be old enough to stop wearing nappies soon, about two weeks prior to removing the nappies. This gave him time to process what was going to happen so it wouldn’t be a big shock to him.

We had set a weekend in mind for stopping with nappies. That Friday night Alfie woke up vomiting everywhere. It didn’t stop. We eventually had to call the emergency services. Horrible.

Jack took him in to a&e whilst I stayed at home with baby Leo. I was in bits that I couldn’t take Alfie to the hospital. My heart broke.

Luckily he was given fluids and got better and was able to come home Saturday morning. This is when we decided to end nappies. (What the heck were we thinking?!) so we did. Cold turkey.

Did we bribe him with sweets? Hell yes. Did it work? Yeah.

Initially he wasn’t doing number two on the loo and only went in his night time nappy. But eventually whatever mental barrier he had up went down and now there’s no stopping him.

He has even started telling us when he needs to go.

I could not be more impressed.

Still a little bit of an issue with holding it in for quite a while which I worry about. (Should I be worried?)

Interesting thing is that at nursery he doesn’t have to be asked about or reminded to go. He just goes. At home we ask him all the time as we worry he is keeping it in for too long and will get constipated. No one wants to be constipated. Believe me I’ve had that issue far too many times to even count. Not a great thing.

So what about the nights? Well, he has gone a long time without anything in his nappy when we take it off in the morning. So I decided it’s time to take it off at night as well. And then he came into our bed with wet pyjamas. Oh well. It will happen many times more. Until it doesn’t.

So now we only have one nappy baby and one very big boy who goes on the toilet. Can’t believe it!

And more importantly- we could not be more proud if we tried. Alfie is a super star. Or should I say – pooper star! (See what I did?)

Enjoy your day and hopefully you’ll get to sleep well, even if it’s only five minutes at a time. X

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