Making new mum friends – Tinder for parents

So. Making new friends as an adult (yeah, I just have to accept that I am one now… at least trying to be) can be daunting on its own. But when you’re also sleep deprived, hormonal AF and with a tiny human attached to your body it’s just on another level.

I downloaded apps like Mush and Peanut. Did the whole profile pic and bio. Then what? Yeah you’re supposed to wave or wink or high five or whatever it is and actual swiping is happening. And if you match you can chat. No no, it’s true. That is how they work. Odd at first but then I got in to it and started swiping and chatting and posting. Oh yeah. It’s a whole forum thing where you can create your own posts and read articles etc.

From the online chatting to then actually book in a date is a bit scary. Not only is it a blind date. You’re also gonna take your precious, amazing new little human you’ve created to meet another very tiny, precious and amazing human. And meet that tiny persons parent as well. There’s so many aspects of this that just makes me want to cringe and hide and just not do it. But then I realised – who else can I talk to about poop, sick, sleep deprivation, nappy brands, nappy rashes, labour, baby clothing sizes, midwives, health visitors, baby weight (both your post-partum body and your actual baby’s weight) and anything and everything else that has taken your normally so glamorous world hostage. Oh yeah, that’s right. Other parents!

I booked in two dates actually. Two dates! Separate dates. Not the same person twice. Two different new mums. Cue anxiety sweats.

It was great! Oh the relief. Someone who had gone through the same thing, or very similar at least, as I had. Someone else who’s world was absolutely turned up-side-down in the best but also hardest way. Ah. Yes. Bliss.

Still having good text convos and play dates and I’m much happier for it. Just the power of recognition and relatability. I’m NOT ALONE! There are other babies doing this, that and the other. There are other partners not understanding this,that or the other. There are other people with tiny humans who also just make it up as they go along and hoping it’ll be ok.

If you’re not lucky to have your friends having babies at the same time as you, please please please try out these apps! If for nothing else to be able to chat to someone during those late, late or super early feeding sessions. It did a big difference to me and I think I would’ve lost my mind a lot more and many more times if I didn’t have my new mumma friends.

Enjoy your day and hopefully you’ll get to sleep well, even if it’s only five minutes at a time.


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