Hospital Bag essentials

As I’m now well into my third trimester I’m realising (due to getting reminders in apps and emails) I should probably start to prepare the hospital bag.

When we had Alfie, or before he was born even, we had a bag each. One for me, one for the baby and I think one for Jack as well. Plus bags of snacks and drinks.

The bags of snacks and drinks was so so good as I really didn’t like the hospital food. And as I was induced it took around 36 or so hours from the time we checked in to the hospital to Alfie being out with us. And then we stayed a couple of days after that. Having our own snacks and drinks was so good. I still get chills thinking of that weird meet goo on a plate they tried to pass off as food. Yuck!

But there’s other things to bring that are even more important. So, in terms of hospital bags and the content of it, I’m feeling like I’ve forgotten so much over the last 2,5 years. Did I miss anything I didn’t have back then? Did I bring too much that I didn’t need? Most likely, as I always, always bring way too much with me anytime I’m staying away from home. It’s like I need to bring as much as I possibly can with me to make me feel at home.

But looking at suggested list from emails & apps I’m using I think the list below should be useful for all involved.

I’m hoping this can help at least someone else out there struggling to think about what to pick with you.

Mum hospital bag

  • Several changes of underwear. You don’t know how long you’ll be there and if you’ll bleed through or just feel like changing more often to feel fresh
  • Comfy bra or Nursing bra if you’re planning on breastfeeding. As per my last experience you wear them 24/7. No wires for me please!
  • Slippers to be comfy when waddling around the hospital
  • Warm socks. You never know how hot or cold it’ll be in the hospital and the last thing you want is to be freezing
  • Flip flops/slipper for the shower. Believe me, you do not want to be barefoot in the toilets/shower rooms if you don’t have to
  • Cleansing wipes. If you really don’t like the shower in the hospital or just can’t be bothered – cleansing wipes is a good way to feel a bit refreshed. Pretend you’re at a festival and it’s all good 😉
  • Portable speaker if you want to have music while waiting or in the room with you when you’re giving birth
  • Reusable water bottle to be refilled as and when needed. Hydrating is always important but even more so when pregnant and once your baby is here
  • If you will be giving birth in the summer you might want a hand held little fan
  • You might want to bring your own pillow just in case it’s not comfy enough where you’ll stay over night

Baby hospital bag

  • 3 changes of clothes. 3x stretchy, soft full body jumpsuits / sleep suits. 3x short sleeve baby grows (young babies can’t regulate their body temperature so will need more layers than you might think)
  • A little hat to make sure your little one don’t get too cold
  • Scratch mittens (As babies have no control over their body they can very easily scratch themselves in the face and eyes)
  • Socks or booties
  • Nappies (I think we’re going for size 1), Nappy cream, water wipes, cotton buds and wash cloths
  • Muslin cloths (super useful for anything from spit up to leaking boobs)
  • Bottles if you’re going to bottle feed
  • Breast pump if you need to help your flow a bit (I’ve been told as having a cesarian I might need to help it get started by either hand expressing or pumping)
  • Formula milk (only if you’re planning to not breastfeed)
  • Sterilised baby bottles for the formula
  • A blanket for the baby

Birth partner hospital bag

  • Changes of underwear. You don’t know how long you’ll be there for.
  • Towel to share with your partner for shower/quick clean and also because it might not fit in her bag.
  • Comfy slippers to have on the ward. You wanna be comfy when snuggling your newborn baby and when helping your partner out.
  • Comfy clothes. As you don’t know how long you’ll be in hospital for it might be worth packing a set of whatever you’re most comfortable in.
  • Mobile phone chargers for you and your partner. I’m sure you’ll want to take a lot of photos of the new little beauty 🙂

Anything you’d like me to add that should not be missed by anyone? Something you were super glad you had with you that’s not on the lists above? Please let me know in the comments (or a DM on your preferred platform).

Now I think I need to get my bag(s) in order over here. Last time I packed and re-packed them at least 3 times. I’m sure I’ll do the same this time around as well 🙂

Enjoy your day and hopefully you’ll get to sleep well, even if it’s only five minutes at a time. X

Post updated June 2021 after tips on adding more

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