Werk werk werk

As I’m starting to prepare to go on maternity leave for a second time I find myself reflecting over my fortunate situation.

I work for a company that supports me in every way possible.
They ensure I am comfortable working from home, and even more now that I’m pregnant. I even had my HR rep reminding me of this when we had our initial conversation, weeks ago now, about my mat leave. She basically told me to look at my physical work situation and request what I need to be more comfortable.

My manager is always making sure I’m ok, telling me to take breaks as and when I need them and my colleagues are just so loving and caring about how I am.

And for a company in the UK it’s a pretty good parental leave policy as well. Yes I said it. Parental leave. Not just for mama y’all. If you’re becoming a parent and you work at Hootsuite you get the same parental leave no matter if you’re pregnant, adopting or the supporting partner. For the UK I have to say this is pretty damn good.

Now, you have to understand from my perspective – I’m from Sweden. I think we might have one of the best parental leave policies in the world. So I can’t say that what we have here is perfect in any way. But again, for being in the UK it’s very good.

Fo people not in the UK reading this – or for people in the UK not aware of the statutory parental leave policy I will just say that the non-pregnant partner gets two weeks off at the birth of the child. TWO WEEKS. I mean, that’s just about time to get home from the hospital and learn how to change a nappy. If that.

You can also read my old blog post about the UK vs. Sweden on this. It covers more than just parental leave, but gives you an idea at least of some of the differences.

And I think it’s bloody medieval to only give the non-pregnant partner two weeks. Society and people have developed far beyond the old notion of it is only the “mummy” who tends to children and only the “daddy” who works and doesn’t need to see his kids ever. Anyways. I’m digressing.

I’ve fairly recently gone into a new role, which I love, with a new team of wonderful people. I know, I know, I am coming back to it and them. Still I can not help but feel a bit emotional to leave, if even for a short while. It will of course be all the sweeter to come back to see how the role I’m in now and my team mates have all progressed and developed whilst I’ve been snuggling with a baby(and changed a million nappies and tried to entertain a toddler whilst having to look after a tiny baby etc and so on..).

Working in the Saas Tech industry means things happens, and can change, very fast. Last time I had been on mat leave it was almost like coming back to a different company. It’s exciting! I think change is something good. I think it means you always have opportunity to shape things and be part of shaping a role, a process, a team or whatever it might be that’s changing.

Now. Let’s get back to work before I go off and do some real work. Yeah I said it. Giving birth to and taking care of a child, let alone two children, is work. Hard and overwhelming work. Don’t let anyone tell you any different! And for those of you who thinks parental leave is having time off – jog on.

Enjoy your day and hopefully you’ll get to sleep well, even if it’s only five minutes at a time. X

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