…is what he screams and demands!

Or at least that’s what I’m imagining he would be screaming and demanding if he could talk. For now it’s more a wawawa sound followed by tears.

So I stopped the boobs. Cold turkey. I decided enough is enough. Why? Because my son has teeth that’s why and I would like to keep my nipples. At least for the future sibling (if we’re ever so lucky).

It has now been 3 days.

The first day I just decided to stop and not give boobs anymore. I thought that I’d start from the morning hoping that by the time it’s bedtime we have hopefully had the fight and he’ll be exhausted enough to just give in.

And it worked!!

He really wasn’t happy with me at all the first day for not providing his beloved boobies. He pulled at my shirt, snuggled the boobs from outside the shirt, tried everything he could. He is very clever. But I’m more stubborn so I won!

When bedtime came around I was nervous. I was mentally prepared for it to be an all nighter and to lose my mind slightly, but he accepted the bottle straight away.

I guess he was starving after having fought with me all day. Don’t worry, he is eating plenty just not from boobs.

Before this I asked friends for advice and as I know by now – all babies are different. As are the mums.

We all do what we think works best and what we ‘know’ to be the best method etc. So I just thought – fuck it, let’s do this. If it doesn’t work and he’s panicking and I’m losing my mind I’ll just give in and give him the boob.

Even though he was unhappy it was manageable. He let me know he was unhappy about the situation.

I said “I understand but it doesn’t change the fact we’re not doing boobs anymore” and more importantly “it has nothing to do with my love for you”.

Then he laughed at me and tried to get to the boobs.

Second day he wasn’t as happy and smiley. He was quite upset. But I think it might be a combo of his upper front teeth coming through as well.

What a mean mummy I am to stop breastfeeding in the middle of that! Oh well.

We did survive. The naps were dragged out just like the first day and bedtime took a lot longer than the day before. He fought until he passed out basically.

Third day on and he is back to his happy self. Getting him down for naptime is a bit of a fuss and he pulls on my shirt to try to get to the boobies. But not for long.

It’s like he is understanding what is happening but still wants to give it one last go. He then cuddles up really close to me to fall asleep.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with his age or that maybe my breast milk just wasn’t filling him up properly but he is sleeping much better now than ever before.

His naps are longer and he doesn’t wake up as easily. Last night he slept from 9.30/10pm-ish to 6am! Didn’t wake up once. Or he didn’t wake me up at least.

Have we cracked the code or is this the calm before the storm?

Enjoy your day and hopefully you’ll get to sleep well, even if it’s only five minutes at a time.


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