Viva España

Holibobs with a baby was a new thing. This was our very first holiday as a young family.

Normally I’d be getting a little buzz on by lunchtime just enjoying nice, long wine lunches and then nice, long wine dinners and nice, long cocktail evenings. I’d just lay in the sun every chance I’d get no matter how windy or cold.

Oh how I’ve changed since little Alfie-poops came into our lives.

First of all I wake up earlier than before, might be an obvious one.

Secondly, of course I still like my wine but I have also found a new love for Diet Coke.

Thirdly I want to be able to catch as much of the day that I can. Not in the ‘Carpe the fuck out of this day’ bullcrap. But in the ‘I actually want to do something before I know we have to get back to the hotel for an early night with bubs’ kind of way. Throughout the week I was in bed at 10pm almost every night.

Although the weather was less than what we wished for we had a beautiful week. Alfie got to hang out with my parents who haven’t seen him since he was one month old. We got to spend time as a family which was the best thing all week.

Ok I did like being spoilt with restaurant lunches, restaurant dinners and new sunglasses too. But time with Jack is just the best. Alfie is crazy about his daddy which is so amazing to see. Alfie’s face lights up as soon as he sees him.

Now that we’re back home it somehow feels as though Alfie grew up a lot during our week away from home. It’s like he is not a baby anymore but instead becoming a little boy.

It’s super exciting of course but I can’t help but miss his newborn baby days – is it too soon to start dreaming of a sibling for Alfie?

Enjoy your day and hopefully you’ll get to sleep well, even if it’s only five minutes at a time.


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