My first Mother’s Day

Today is my first ever Mother’s Day. Saying that though I actually celebrated it last year as I was pregnant. I guilted jack into getting me a Mother’s day card and all that jazz. But today was the first ‘real’ one I guess. We all went out for breakfast at a place here called Elsie’s. It’s dog friendly so we could all go. It was lovely. I had the American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. Jack had Eggs Benedict. Alfie has his Ella’s Kitchen Puffs. Milo got a bit of everything…

I know this can be a very sensitive and triggering time for a lot of people. If you’ve had a mum but you don’t anymore. Or if you are a mum but your baby is no longer with you. Or maybe you’re already a mum but you’re baby just hasn’t been able to be conceived yet due to a multitude of reasons. This day is yours as well as anyone else’s.

A close friend of mine posted something on Instagram today which I just love. It was something along the lines of that we celebrate today for anyone and everyone who plays a mothering role in someone’s life. Not matter being a parent or not. Today we celebrate those who show nurturing, love, care and guidance to someone in their lives.

Sending you all lots of love on this day.

Enjoy your day and hopefully you’ll get to sleep well, even if it’s only five minutes at a time.


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