What is poop in Spanish?

After having spent one week in Nerja in Spain, I’m very much looking forward to going home for one reason in particular – changing tables.

I have not been to one place where there has been a changing table anywhere. I don’t get it! What do people with small children do? Do they just not go out and eat? Are you supposed to stay at home until your child is old enough to go to the loo on its own?

Well we didn’t get the memo so Alfie came along to all the places we went to. I had to change every nappy, and of course there were A LOT of poopy nappies – thanks Alfie. I was forced to crouch down on the floor to change him. Honestly, one time I sat on the loo and had a wee while I was changing his nappy. I mean… multitasking is a thing for mums, right?

I am just so surprised and baffled about the fact that there wasn’t any changing tables anywhere. At least not in the places we went to. And we went to all kind of places. A cafe, a couple of posh restaurants, a place on the beach and some public loos too. But none of them had any inkling of a nappy changing possibility.

In one it was actually quite embarrassing. Alfie had done a massive poo. One of those leak-through-all-the-clothes kind of thing. So off to the loo I went with nappy bag and baby and all, only to find the ladies room to be teeny tiny. I had to have Alfie diagonally on the floor as I didn’t want him to kick the door, as people would probably wonder what the eff was going on. I sat on the loo bent double to reach him on the floor.

While I’m wiping him clean from the poo-splosion he decides to wee – EVERYWHERE!!! On his changing mat, on the floor and on his clothes. Luckily it was the poopy clothes and not the clean ones I was going to change him into.

I do my very best to try and clean it all up, get him into new clothes and pack everything up. As I open the door, and see the massive queue of women of all ages, I see that Alfie’s pee had made its way out from underneath the door. It was somewhat of a puddle to the side of the door to the loo. I pretended I’d didn’t see it and just left. Oh well. Shit happens…

And it did. Literally.

Enjoy your day and hopefully you’ll get to sleep well, even if it’s only five minutes at a time.


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