Fly baby fly

Remember I asked for advice for our first ever airplane ride with bubs? Well this is how we got on with the first ever flight with Alfie.

I packed EVERYTHING he could possibly need for his hand luggage: five of his favourite toys, four changes of clothes, four Muslin rags; 10 nappies, pack of wet wipes, formula and baby foods.

The first experience of going through security with a baby was not great. When we checked in we were given duplicate boarding cards meaning we couldn’t get through to security.

We had to trek all the way back to check-in to get new boarding cards. Once we got them we found out we weren’t even seated together! So our first ever flight as a young family would’ve been awful and so stressful. Obviously we kicked up a little bit of a fuss and eventually we got seated together even though they initially said it’s a full flight and that there was nothing they could do. They could. And they did.

Anyhow, once we got the right boarding passes it had taken so much time we didn’t really have time for anything else.

We had to stuff our faces with some brekkie quicker than you can say ‘All-I-want-is-a-troublefree-flight-and-holiday-with-my-family’ and then run to the gate. We were literally the last people to board the plane.

Once on the plane and seated it was actually a breeze. Alfie was so very interested in all the new things he had never seen. Like the tray table or the buckle on the safety belt.

I had gotten tips about breastfeeding him at take-off and landing which I did and I don’t know how it would’ve been if I hadn’t but it worked like a charm! He fell asleep and slept for almost half the flight. So both me and Jack were able to get a little snooze in as well, which was magical as we had been up since 3am.

So did we need the mother of all hand luggage for Alfie? Hell no. We were good with one nappy change, he was ok with one or two toys, and as the flight was only two hours we didn’t need to change his clothes (but I always make sure we have a change of clothes wherever we go because babies are messy or have reflux or a poo-splosion). As I boobed him the extra food wasn’t really necessary either.

All in all – it was great! I was unnecessarily nervous beforehand. And for the flight back I will not have as big of a carry-on for Alfie.

I am sure when he gets older it will be different. But for now I’m very happy with the flying experience 🙂

Besitos y abrasos

Enjoy your day and hopefully you’ll get to sleep well, even if it’s only five minutes at a time.


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