Holiday Celebrate

I am so happy we’re going away for a bit. Hoping it will be warm and sunny so we can be in shorts and T-shirt’s all day long.

In preparation I started going through Alfie’s clothes. It was a good reason to sort out what he’s already grown out of. I realised I needed some additional items for a more summery wardrobe. So I went to H&M and got a few cute bits and bobs:

I ended up getting things for myself and Jack as well. I do love a little online shop. It reminded me of when I was little and I would sit on the sofa with my mum and a bunch of catalogues to order clothes from. I told her everything I liked and I assume she picked out the best items and made an order. My shopping habits started early.

I’m very excited about Alfie’s first holiday but I also worry about his reaction to flying. Will he freak out and be one of those kids I myself hate on airplanes? Or will he be super chill and sleep through it all? I want to prepare as much as I can so already planning what to pack in our carry-on.

We’ll need toys to keep him entertained. Probably a bit of food, both baby milk but also those veggie puffs from Ella’s Kitchen. He loves them and it’ll keep him occupied for a while as well. And extra clothes is a must as I’m sure he’ll be sick and spill his food.

It’s a good thing you get extra carry-on when with a baby. I’m secretly hoping they’ll bump us up to first class as well so we get extra space for all the stuff we’ll bring with us.

Oh goodness. I’m sure it’ll be fine but now I’m picturing the flight from hell. People tripping over his toys that are all over the place, passengers getting sticky baby food on their clothes and in their hair or Alfie screaming throughout the flight and Jack and I arguing over something stupid.

Any tips for first-time-baby-flyers?

Oh, where we’re going? Spain. Can not wait!

Hasta luego amigas!

Enjoy your day and hopefully you’ll get to sleep well, even if it’s only five minutes at a time. xx

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